Standard Manual Lifting Cushion

Uplift Seat Assist Lifting Cushion For Sale MassachusettsCarex Uplift Premium Uplift Seat Assist®  4-1/10″ H x 17-1/5″ W x 18-9/10″ D, Black, Manual Powered, 230 lb Weight

The premium portable lifting seat helps users stand without assistance. Powered by a hydro-pneumatic gas spring, it uses no batteries or electricity. Activates automatically as the user stands, lifting up to 70% of their weight up to 350 lbs. Patented LeveLift Technology provides a safe, gentle lift without pushing you forward. Portable, with a built-in carry handle, and weighs just 9 lbs. for use at home or away.The waterproof cover and memory foam cushion ensure years of comfort.

  • Provides up to 70% lift assistance for those up to 230 lbs.
  • Use in or outside the home on most armchairs or sofas.
  • Self-powered, uses no electricity or batteries.
  • Memory foam cushion helps prevent pressure sores.

Patented LeveLift Technology.

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