Rebound Diabetic Walker


Rebound® Diabetic Walker

Uniquely designed for effective treatment of plantar foot ulcers, the Rebound Diabetic Walker enables easy access and re-fitting during wound care, while improving the patient’s mobility during the healing process.

  • Effective tri-laminate insole with removable shock-absorbing hexagons that promote ulcer offloading and a Plastazote top layer that evenly distributes the pressure
  • Patent pending pressure relief valve for preventing over-inflation, while balancing compression with customized fit
  • Positioning Portals allow the clinician to check the fit of the walker at the heel bottom, in order to ensure appropriate positioning of the foot in the walker
  • Flex Edge® technology for relief of pressure points
  • Rocker Bottom outsole for a smooth roll over while allowing for individual natural toe out
  • Soft and breathable machine washable liner for hygiene promotion and prevention of infection
  • Tamper evident strapping for compliance monitoring

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Rebound Diabetic Walker

Order Information

Rebound Diabetic Walker
Size Men’s Shoe Size Women’s Shoe Size Item No
Small 4,5 – 7 5,5 – 8,5 B-242500002
Medium 7 – 10,5 8,5 – 12 B-242500003
Large 10,5 – 12,5 12 – 14 B-242500004
X-Large 12,5 – 15 14 – 16,5 B-242500005

Accessories / Options

Replacement Softgoods
Size Liners Insoles
Small B-418500102 B-418500202
Medium B-418500103 B-418500203
Large B-418500104 B-418500204
X-Large B-418500105 B-418500205


Walker Covers
Size Hygiene Covers (2 pcs) Durable Weather Cover Disposable Weather Cover (20 pcs)
Small B-418500602 B-418500502 B-418500512
Medium B-418500603 B-418500503 B-418500512
Large B-418500604 B-418500504 B-418500514
X-Large B-418500605 B-418500505 B-418500514


Diabetic Socks (2 pcs)
Size Item No
Small, Medium B-418500703
Large, X-Large B-418500704


Compliance Straps (5 pcs)
Size Item No
Universal B-418500300


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