NecLoc Extrication Collar – Neck Brace


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NecLoc Extrication Collar


  • The NecLoc Extrication Collar has an ergonomic two-piece clamshell design and retaining strap secure flexion during application
  • Five unique phenotype-driven sizes make it easy to select the correct size
  • Minimal manipulation of patient during application
  • X-ray and CT lucent. MR safe.
  • NecLoc Kids: Four Broselow-Luten Color-Coding System pediatric sizes ensure optimal airway and cervical spine immobilization
  • Product Information by Ossur

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NL-200EL Stout, NL-250E XS (formerly NL-200E), NL-300E Small, NL-400E Medium, NL-500E Large, NLEB Carrying case


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