Gel Ankle Brace


Gel Ankle Brace

Accepted worldwide as the first and most effective stirrup to deliver cryotherapy.

  • Safe hot/cold therapy
  • Patented lace-lock feature for added stability
  • Available with 50% surface gel or 80% surface gel

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Gel Ankle Brace

Gel Ankle Brace
Part# Gel Leg Size
E5050R 50% Right Adult
E5050L 50% Left Adult
E200PR 50% Right Youth/Pony
E200PL 50% Left Youth/Pony
E8020R 80% Right Adult
E8020L 80% Left Adult

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E5050R 50% Right Adult, E5050L 50% Left Adult, E200PR 50% Right Youth/Pony, E200PL 50% Left Youth/Pony, E8020R 80% Right Adult, E8020L 80% Left Adult


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