Form Fit Knee Immobilizer


Formfit® Knee Immobilizer

Formfit Knee Immobilizer features a universal 3-panel design that can be adjusted to accommodate most leg circumferences. Adjustable medial and lateral stays and a rigid posterior stay provide stability, while the breathable foam material helps keeps patients cool.

  • Adjustable medial/lateral stays and rigid posterior stay provide stability
  • Soft breathable foam keeps patients cool
  • Universal 3-piece design simplifies inventory needs

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Form Fit Knee Immobilizer


  • Emergency immobilization
  • Pre and post-surgical knee immobilization
Formfit Knee Immobilizer
Part# Size
Hot/Cold Therapy Accessories GB7 Hot/Cold Gel Pad
200009 12”
200010 14”
200016 16”
200118 18”
200020 20”
200022 22”
200030 24”

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200009 12”, 200010 14”, 200016 16”, 200118 18”, 200020 20”, 200022 22”, 200030 24”


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