How to Order

How to Order Medical Equipment For Personal Use

You may submit an order at $0.00 in order to submit your contact information. We will then contact you to determine if your insurance will cover the product.

If ordering for personal use, feel free to contact our office and we will guide you through the purchasing process which, in many cases, includes prescription requests to your physician along with requests to your health insurance company.

We will do custom fittings, if needed, at our office, your doctors office, or your home.

How to Order Medical Equipment For Healthcare Providers

How to Order Equipment

• Give facility, physician, or therapist’s name
• Fax or call with patient’s information
(address, phone, insurance, etc.)
• Prescription needs to be faxed or mailed prior to
patient receiving products
• Indicate what type of product is needed

How We Respond

• We provide quality care for your patients
• Ensure that patients are using the prescribed
equipment through follow up
• Encourage the patient to follow treatment plan
• We will pre-authorize with the insurance companies
• We take care of all billing through the insurance companies

Prescription Form

If a particular item is not available, a similar product will be provided