Why you should get your medical equipment locally

Local business equals neighbors helping neighbors

Commercials, online ads, and game day branding are constantly in your face telling you who to do business with. Not once have I seen a expensive ad pushing the community to buy from small business owners. This is because only the biggest of big business can afford the ad itself! Now are those businesses offering you what you want and need? Maybe.. Maybe not!

If they are meeting your needs, than good for you. Keep doing business with them IF you cannot get the same product or service from a smaller business in your area. The people that work in that “round the corner” shop may be going home to your same street when they get done with work.

Now let’s put that same concept into a durable medical equipment business:

  1. Price? It’s all the same since the majority of our customers purchase items that insurance covers. Also, insurance companies set the prices that are allowed for sales.
  2. Customer Service? Wouldn’t it be nice to deal with the same person from beginning to end of your purchase? We deal with a smaller region than our competitors so we never lose track of our patients needs.
  3. Customized Service? Do you think a large company that is out of State will fit you for your specific product or check to make sure you were using it correctly? We provide fitting for custom fit braces.

As you can see, when it comes to price, service, and customized care, going “small” with your medical equipment needs is a smart move for you and your own community.

Advanced Health Service, Inc. is located in Norwood, MA. We can be reached at (781) 769-8999

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